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Inner Space

A course in personal mythology

There Is A universe Inside You

Become The Architect

Personal mythology shapes your every thought and feeling, what animals you identify with, what you buy, and who you love.

  • Why is your favorite color your favorite?
  • Why are you a dog or cat person?
  • What animal are you most like?
  • What is your Path in life?

One of the most significant findings in Psychology, in the last 20 years, is that individuals can choose the way they think.

– Martin Seligman

Design Your Inner Space

You are The Most Fascinating Person You Know

Respect And Appreciate Your Story

Jamie adored bees and everyone knew that about her. But nobody knew why, and neither did she until she explored her personal mythology.

Using the tools taught to her at MyMythos, Jamie discovered her love of bees connected all the way back to being 8 years old, when she was fascinated with queens. She had always thought a queen’s duty was to rule and control, a fitting opposition to her unruly brother. But watching a documentary about bees showed her that queens can actually serve their people.

The contradiction forced her young mind to self reflect, ending at the conclusion that her real love of queens was in their duty to serve and protect – a personal mythos she’s carried into her adult years.


Color Meanings

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Life, nature, healing, growth, luck, peace, youth, harmony, health, progress, freshness, wealth, relaxation, balance, practicality


Happiness, fun, friendship, gratitude, optimism, excitement, warmth, caution, light, sun, busyness, tropical, summer, humor.


Health, comfort, adventure, activity, curiosity, independence, energy, warmth, courage, fire, instinct, hunger, risk taking, socializing


Strength, focus, love, leadership, action, determination / grit, challenge, quest, safety, passion, romance, heart, vigilance, spice, desire


Empathy, service, passion, creativity, magic, wealth, devotion, sensitivity, fantasy, royalty, luxury, dignity, grandeur, pride, guidance, mystery


Intelligence, calm, trust, freedom, loyalty, leadership, stability, sincerity, dignity, truth, sky, water, depth, cold, cleanliness, open spaces, quiet


Confidence, sleep, dreams, imagination, mystery, illusion, space, grace, seriousness, responsibility, self control, shadow, authority, solitude, death, discipline


Truth, purity, innocence, light, protection, safety, cleanliness, forgiveness, faith, sterility, surrender, humility, sincerity, confession, perfection, sacred

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